Obstructionist Democrats Demand Kavanaugh's Vote Be Put Off, AGAIN

Obstructionist Democrats Demand Kavanaugh's Vote Be Put Off, AGAIN

A number of partisan Democrats have demanded that the vote on President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, be put on hold pending extension of the existing seventh FBI background check (the previous six FBI background checks found no wrongdoing). It is likely the Senate will call a final vote on Judge Kavanaugh's nomination on Saturday. Judge Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual harassment dating back to his teenage.

Many new, fake allegations, which Judge Kavanaugh has vehemently denied, continue to crop up after the allegations of California professor Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Judge Kavanaugh of attacking her, have fallen apart.

Prof. Ford's testimony before the Senate panel was riddled with gaps and inconsistencies.

Judge Kavanaugh's denials were powerful and credible. He shared his point of view and answered all the questions about the numerous accusations.

Ford told The Washington Post that she disclosed the alleged assault, which she says occurred more than three decades ago while she and Judge Kavanaugh were in high school, because of the significance of his appointment.

Judge Kavanaugh's appointment is key to the composition of the Supreme Court, which is often the final word on highly contentious laws. Its nine judges have a great impact on US politics. President Donald Trump's nominee, who had seemed on a smooth passage to becoming the man to establish a conservative majority of the bench, now faces a few more bumps on the way. The safe bet: On Saturday 6 October 2018, Judge Kavanaugh will be confirmed by the full U.S. Senate 53-47 and you heard it first on Storia!

Image credit: Reuters