Selfie Taken At Scene Of Injury Causes Outcry

Selfie Taken At Scene Of Injury Causes Outcry

A photo of a man taking a selfie while emergency personnel were attending to a seriously injured woman on railway tracks has sparked outrage and an ethical debate in Italy.

Journalist Giorgio Lambri captured the scene May 26 from a station platform in Piacenza in northern Italy while reporting on a train hitting a Canadian woman, reports CNN.

Railway police saw a man taking the selfie and asked him to delete the photos before telling him to move away, according to Filippo Sordi Arcelli Fontana, Piacenza's police chief. The man is not under investigation.

The Canadian woman reportedly got out from the wrong side of the train and fell on the tracks. She later had a leg amputated in the hospital.

Lambri, who photographed the scene, wrote an article in local newspaper Libertà with the headline: "The barbarism you don't expect: the 'selfie' in front of a tragedy." He also posted a picture on Facebook.

"I am sure he's not a bad person, just someone totally ignorant on the ethics of living," Lambri said of the man who snapped the selfie.

"I am a veteran journalist who (has) extensively covered crime, and I have seen many terrifying scenes, but this made me really sad."

Image credit: CNN