Time Running Out For Boys Lost In Thai Cave

Time Running Out For Boys Lost In Thai Cave

Over the past week, rescuers have been mounting an increasingly desperate search for 12 missing boys, in the hope the group are alive deep inside a cave but trapped by floodwaters.

A desperate search by an international team is on in the Tham Luang Nang Non cave. Expert divers, pumps and drills, drones and robots, sniffer dogs, and survial boxes, and plans for rescue, if the boys are found, are involved, according to the BBC and CNN.

Thai navy divers been trying to access the deepest caverns of the Tham Luang Nang Non cave, the fourth longest in Thailand. Four top British cave divers, along with some US military personnel, also joined the efforts.

Powerful industrial water pumps, put in place to reduce the water level inside the cave, have struggled to combat relentless rains. With the entrance flooded, pumping was halted on Thursday and divers forced to stop their search intermittently.

New technology is being used in the massive search. Drones, robots and thermal cameras are among them.

Dogs have helped survey teams investigate the area above the cave complex, which is several kilometres long.

Emergency services working frantically to find them have spent the past few days dropping food down holes they find in the jungle-covered mountain in the hope it connects with the caves below.

Image credit: BBC