A Peek Into The Cockpit: The New Airbus A220-300

A Peek Into The Cockpit: The New Airbus A220-300

Airbus' newest airplane to enter service is a technological marvel to behold. It can cruise on autopilot mode with state-of-the-art controls.

If you have ever wondered what all those switches, dials, and levers do in the cockpit of an airplane, you are not alone. CNN Travel asked the pilot of the aircraft, the Airbus A220-300. The pilot, Gerhard Ramcke, of Latvian airline airBaltic, gave the channel network a tour of the flight deck of a brand-new Airbus A220-300 as the aircraft launched earlier this year, according to a CNN feature.

The controls of the super-modern aircraft is a far cry from the clunky mechanisms found in older planes – the A220-300 is fully digital.

Its hi-tech "touchscreens more closely resemble something from a spacecraft than an airplane," according to CNN.

"It's a full glass cockpit," Ramcke told CNN's travel program, gesturing around the flight deck. "No round dial instruments anymore. All of the data is projected onto these screens."

The A220's Flight Management System (FMS) is a computer system that automates several inflight tasks.

It can figure out the aircraft's position and, according to the flight plan, reckon the course the aircraft needs to follow – a very smart autopilot.

The Flight Control System takes input from the side-stick, the throttles and the pedals, which the pilot uses to navigate the craft.

Ramcke says the overhead panel "operates all of the systems."