Trump Slams Harley-Davidson For Overseas Production

Trump Slams Harley-Davidson For Overseas Production

Donald Trump has said Harley-Davidsons should "never" be built abroad, as he attacked the firm's plans to move some production overseas to avoid European tariffs.

Trump said the iconic bike brand's new Thailand plant marked a "surrender" and "the beginning of the end," according to the BBC.

Last week, the EU imposed retaliatory tariffs on US goods, including bourbon, orange juice and motorcycles.

Harley-Davidson says the increased costs are a "substantial" burden.

The EU tariffs are a response to new US duties on steel and aluminium imports.

Trump also accused Harley-Davidson of making the decision to move some production to Thailand before the current trade dispute erupted, and of using the tariffs as an "excuse," report the BBC and CNN.

But the firm – which also has plants in Australia, Brazil and India – said it planned the new plant after Trump withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal, which would have lowered tariffs in Asia.

Taking aim at the iconic motorcycle brand on Twitter, the president said the company's employees and customers were "already very angry at them" because "they surrendered, they quit!"

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